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    We aim at achieving great customer satisfaction and became your main business partner with high quality wholesale voip services complemented with competitive rates and world best personal customer care. Contact us to take your business to new heights with quality voip solutions. our wholesale offerings empower tier-1 and other service providers to deliver cost-effective, top-quality voip-enabled voice solution to their customers via our reliable, high-performance landline and mobile routes.


The company’s retail division focuses its efforts on providing today’s most reliable and affordable calling services and solutions. These offerings are available directly to consumers across the globe.

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What is VOIP?

VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol, is the transmission of voice traffic over IP-based networks. Since its birth, it quickly became popular because of the amount of money an individual can save when it is used for long distance calls.

VoIP services are cheap, compared to traditional phones, and there is even software available to make free international calls. Unfortunately, these kinds of software only works for PC-to-PC calls. To take full advantage of VoIP, a VoIP phone is recommended.

DDI Gateway offers A-Z termination (Wholesale VoIP) as well as dedicated white route termination (White CLI Routes) services via Tier-1 VoIP Providers. It is a small effort on our part to complement our VoIP offerings and provide you with a complete VoIP Solution for your VoIP Business. Therefore, the clients of DDI Gateway are assured that all their business components are managed in a professional manner and with the technical expertise that DDI Gateway can provide. 

We are responsible for providing upbeat wholesale carrier services for our customers, irrespective of being passed through unilateral or bilateral peering arrangements. We achieve this quality by constantly keeping a watch on the traffic on our wholesale ring. We specialise in A to Z destinations which covers; Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, America and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Based on the definitive customer needs, we are swift to respond and quick to deliver. With the dedication of our employee’s and due to the interconnection with major carriers we deliver uninterrupted call termination across the world around the clock.

  • Why should I use this product?

    At Domesticnumbers you can choose a local telephone number from over 65 countries.You can easily forward this telephone number to any landline, mobile phone or VoIP service at little to no cost.DomesticNumbers offers english spoken support and can be reached by telephone, email or live chat.

  • How do I use this service?

    In order to use our service, you must have a device with a static IP address or DNS name that is capable of receiving SIP calls. Some examples include IP-PBXs, SIP Servers, VoIP Gateways and IP-Based IVR systems. When you submit your order, you need to provide us the IP Address(es) or domain name of your equipment.

    We will then route all of your access numbers (DIDs) to the IP Address that you have provided and call you to perform a test.

  • What is a channel?

    A channel is a virtual phone line or virtual connection between your equipment and ours that allows a single phone call to pass through. If you have multiple channels, you can have multiple calls at the same time. All our DIDs come standard with 20 simultaneous channels.